Crystal Bed Therapy
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Crystal Bed Therapy

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The crystal bed is a healing modality that uses an array of specially cut and lighted quartz crystal. A session on the crystal bed is often prescribed by the Entities for rejuvenation, alignment, and in preparation for further healing work. These sessions help balance, clear, and restore the body's energetic template.

Crystal bed sessions last for twenty minutes. The person receiving the session rests face up with eyes closed as they bathe in the light energy of the crystals The colored lights correspond to the seven chakras, which are energy centers that spin the energy through our energetic and meridian system. Light and color shine through each crystal in an alternating pattern, creating a spiraling amplification of vital energy. Chakra is a Sanskrit word for “wheel" and refers to the seven energy centers of the body. Chakras are aligned in an ascending center column from the base of the spine to the top of the head. The chakras spin and draw in the life force energy (Prana / Chi / Ki) to keep the physical and subtle bodies in balance. The meridian system, as described in Chinese medicine, is a network of energy pathways of the body’s vital life force.

Crystals are capable of transmitting, storing, and modulating energy. The highly organized state of the quartz crystals allows photons to move without being trapped and condensed as in other forms of matter. A crystal is, therefore, a tool for using light and energy in specific ways. The health-giving effects of crystal therapy result from the vibration of the crystals resonating with the water in our tissues and cells. Structured water has increased surface tension and bonding properties. It is the pure state of water found in healthy cell tissue. Cancer cells and other unhealthy cells contain unstructured water. The vibrational patterns amplified by the Crystal Bed Treatments manifest as higher and higher levels of order, harmony, and awareness.