Gift Certificates

If you plan to give the gift certificates, you will earn reward points as well! The Gift Certificate is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.

To order(ONLINE):

  1.  Select the card (massage session type). from "Catalog" page
  2. Choose the Length of the massage
    *Please write special instruction in the box.
    ex) Happy Anniversary from Jim&Yoko", or "I want to pick it up at the store"
  3.  Click "Check out" on the top of the page
  4. Type purchaser's email address (*Not the recipient's email ) in the box on top(Otherwise the recipient will receive your order confirmation with the price) .
    If you would like us to ship the gift card to the recipient, fill out their address in here (but do not put recipient's email)  and fill out purchaser's billing information on the next page.
  5. Fill out Shipping address.
  6. Place your order
  7. Enter the credit card information

*We accept the cancellation of your order in 24 hours.
To make changes to your order, please contact us
or feel free to call (1-212-661-5151) us for any inquiries.